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Better Late Then Never

Sometimes... when there's time... we'll try to post little snippets of info here, beyond the regular self promotional blabber :) Let us know if any of it reaches you!

Let's begin...

The one big though on our minds now that Existential is out is Joshua Tree. A great little place, all natural, not too far from our studio in Venice, where one can bake in the sun, soak up the dirt, and hopefully make some cool new tunes. We're hoping to have some of our colleagues and collaborators join, so they're flesh and bone for a few days, not just pixels on the screen. Let's see what happens when we mix some ideas real-time, spice it up with a nice breakfast early in the morning, maybe a hike (or yoga!), a few hours honing our songwriting, music producing, trailer enhancing skills in a (hopefully) airconditioned place (although, removing that convenience and embracing the sweat might pump in additional authenticity into new music, who knows). Then lunch, more music, another hike, more music, dinner... Mmmmm, BBQ. Clear skies, millions of stars. Conversation, more music. A drink or two, why not. More music. Sleep.


It's a nice dream right now, let's see if we can make it a reality.

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